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Guidelines for applying for a Presidential Conditional Grand of N50,000

Guidelines for applying for a Presidential Conditional Grand of N50,000

Guidelines for applying for a Presidential Conditional Grand of N50,000


Financial growth through a palliative program and loan scheme.
Transforming Financial Assistance Guidelines for applying for

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Each beneficiary would receive a grant of N50,000.00 (fifty thousand naira), with the goal of reaching one million nanobu households across the 774 local government areas. The beneficiaries from their constituents will be the federal government using the following selection criteria, in cooperation with the state governments, the honorable NASME (Nigerian Association of Small and Medium Enterprises), senators, and members of the House of Representatives.

Guidelines for applying for Guidelines for applying for

The target beneficiaries are split as follows: 15% go to other demographics, 10% go to individuals with disabilities, 5% go to older persons, and 70% go to women and youth.


The Presidential Conditional Grant to Nano Businesses, an initiative of the Presidential Palliative Program, has officially begun, with great pleasure from the Federal Government of Nigeria.

Guidelines for applying for  click here to apply 


key futures for loan

  1. Transparent and Effective: We place a high priority on openness and effectiveness, making sure that money is awarded to worthy companies in a timely manner.
  2. Transparent and Effective: We prioritize transparency and efficacy, ensuring that funds are disbursed to deserving businesses in a prompt way.
  3. Financial Literacy: We are aware of how crucial financial education is. As a result, our platform offers tools and instructions to give SMEs the confidence to handle their money wisely.

Frequently Asked Questions Guidelines for applying for

How can I apply for the loan?
Apply for the loan using the given website,; if you match the requirements, your bank will handle the payout.



  1. How can I tell if I’m eligible?
  2. What conditions does the loan have?
  3. And what happens if I don’t fit the bill? Are you going to take me into consideration?
  4. How much does the loan have an interest rate?
  5. Is there a time limit on the action?
  6. Imagine that I am unable to repay the loan.
  7. Can I apply through one of our partners?
  8. Is there a minimum age to apply?
  9. What is the estimated duration from the time I apply until I receive the loan?
  10. Can I apply to multiple firms at once?
  11. What are the conditions for repayment?
  12. How can I find out if my application has been accepted?
  13. If my application is turned down, can I apply again?
  14. What is the application submission deadline?

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